Hi there – you were looking for Erwin Schrott’s official website, weren’t you?

Well, he hasn’t got one. Not yet, that is, as of January 2006as of June 2007, his site hasn’t launched yet (but stay tuned for updates about that!)edit Nov. 2007: OK, seems like you’ll have to do with this blog.
edit July 2008: hurrah, it’s been launched at last!

On this blog I’ve parked a few mp3s of my mate Erwin singing opera arias (now, that’s what I call singing!) for you to listen to, some pictures and reviews from online and offline papers and magazines.


p.s.: if you need to contact me (ie Giorgia, the one who maintains this website on Erwin’s behalf.), please feel free to email me. If you want to comment on the site and/or leave a message for Erwin, please use the form below, I’ll make sure he reads your message. Thank you. :)


32 Responses to “About”

  1. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    I have been reading your tibits page since I became obsessed with Erwin Schrott. I have been impressed about what you have created and improved.
    I am a Japanese who live in Monaco. After my retiring four years ago, I have decided to study Italian to understand Opera without subtitles. Although I lived in Florence for nearly two years, My language skill is not good as it should be. However my passion for Opera has never been discouraged.
    I saw Erwin Schrott on the stage of the RO, London in Sep 2004 for the first time( Don Giovanni). The second and third time were in Florence in 2005( Don Giovanni and I Lombardi). Since then, I became a great fan of him and I have decided to watch almost all programs which he performs. As far as he performs in RO, Met in NY, Tokyo, Milano, Genova, Zurich, and Wien, We could so far mange to see his performances. Although we went SF to see Carmen expecting him to sing Escamillo last December, it was a great pity that we could not see him. In addition, Domashenko whom we saw in Berlin (Carmen) in 2005 could not make it due to her illness.
    At this moment, I have difficulty to find his schedule regarding Tokyo in Aug/Sep 2007 as your site indicated. I would appreciate if you will inform me the details of his schedule, so that I will be able to book the tickets.
    By the way, I and my husband will go to Zurich twice to see his next performances( Le nozze di Figaro and L’Italiana in Algeri). I am always looking forward seeing your new development on your page.
    Best regards

  2. On your “Donde esta Erwin?” page, you might also want to mention the Italiana in Algeris he will do in Zurich. Viva Erwin! :-)

  3. Dear anonymous commenter,
    as already mentioned in the Site Updates page, L’italiana in Algeri is not on ES’ schedule for the moment.

  4. frank meyer Says:

    what are dates he perfoms in san fran.

  5. Dear Mr Meyer,
    as of today, a final schedule for ES’ performances in San Francisco is not yet available.
    I’ll let you know as soon as it’s officially settled.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The best don I have seen,took over the stage at Covent Garden

  7. Elizabeth Bell Says:

    After seeing ES on Covent Garden@ stage I fell in Love with him and his voice. His acting is absolutely stunning, hasn’t spent a second on stage without being constantly present – a real-time 100% Don Giovanni. Looking forward to see him again.

  8. colibri Says:

    I wanted to let you know that you have a beautiful site and I have perused it quite often since first hearing of the fantastic Erwin Schrott.

    And please, let him know that we eagerly await the launch of his official website.

  9. colibri – thank you. I already told him, several times, to hurry up and make his official website fully operative… hope sooner or later (better sooner, though) it will be finally launched!

  10. Dear Sir,
    I would like to know whether M˙ Schrott’s performances of Attila in Verona are confirmed. As of now the cast posted on the website of the Arena doesn’t include his name.
    It would be a wonderful opportunity for me to hear him performing live, and this seems to be the closest that he will be to Milano in the near future. I am studying theatre/arts management, and would like to say that I am sicerely delighted to find such passion, depth and talent in a member of the young generation of singers. Please let him know that I wish him all the best for a long, healthy and fulfillng career.

  11. Jelena – I still don’t know the dates, but as I’ve been given Mr.Schrott performances’ schedule by himself in person, I am 100% sure it’s confirmed, even if the Arena website still doesn’t say so. ;)
    As you surely are aware of, things sometimes change in singers’ schedules, but, at the moment, “Attila” in Verona is confirmed.

    * * * * *UPDATE: Please note that, as of January 2008, Attila in Verona is no more in Mr.Schrott’s schedule, due to dates being changed and his previous engagements coinciding with the new Arena scheduled dates.* * * * *

  12. Mr. Schrott is phenomenal…..incroyable…..Bellissimo!
    There is no need for me, a mere mortal, to wish him luck in his career…for I’m sure he either touched by God or is a god himself, visiting us all from Mt. Olympus!

  13. I just saw him at opening night in L.A. doing Don G. What can I say? It was an amazing performance, and I think I can now call myself a confirmed fan. He seems so well suited to the role…definitely the most believable Don G. I have seen. Well played!

  14. Giorgia,

    What a great site! I am glad I decided to google his name. I have to say he is definitely one of the most amazing artists I have met in some time. His aura is electrifying and deeply beautiful. I told him that I would be bringing students from within the foster care system to the show next week and he was so very kind to offer something special for them. I am so excited for the kids..such a gracious thing for him to do. I am truly speechless.
    The production is fantastic. I am blessed to be able to see it a few times.
    Thank you for such a professional website,

  15. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    I am pleased that Erwin’s home page has finally launched. However your page seems covering more information about him and his performances. I hope you will keep update this page apart from his own.
    Rescently I have received a notification from Teatro Carlo Felice about its 2008/2009 program. It contains a concert to be performed by Erwin Schrott as well as other singers on 8th of November. Since I do not see it on your page, I really appreciate if you could update it to confirm the schedule above.

  16. Dear Kumi,
    the concert (Rossini’s Stabat Mater) is actually
    scheduled on 7th November 2008, not 8th November. :)

  17. Diego muñoz Says:

    Hola Erwin soy Diego de Uruguay,estoy viviendo en palma de mallorca y solo para decirte que me alegro mucho de tu exito,no se si vos te acordaras de mi pues hace mucho que no me ves y el tiempo nos deja huellas,pero bueno,eso que te mando un fuerte abrazo,y sigue asi,que mas te puedo decir!!!!!

  18. Last week I had the chance to see the Don Giovanni at the Met New York.

    It was a great experience , not only because Erwin is such a handsome and charismatic man and I guess the sexyest Don Giovanni ever, but most of all because he is so effective in depicting the really contemporary portrait of a man possessed by an addiction.

    This possession becomes more and more patent the more the play gets through. The hell to which he eventually goes, followed by the ghost of the man he killed, may well be the own private hell suffered by any addicted person when no human relationship can ever fulfil his needs.

    I also must add, he obviously puts so much enthusiasm and joy in his performing that all these positive feelings and emotions spread onto the public , and I guess this is what makes him a star.

    I hope a DVD will be made out of this production, and I’ll keep monitoring this site to check where and when I can get the chance to watch him performing again.

    And BTW, my compliments to Giorgia for the site design.


  19. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    Dear Giorgia, I found that Erwis will perform Il dottore Dulcamara in Bari.
    Could you kindly let me know which theatre of Baris where he will perform L’elisir d’amore? There are many theatres and none of them in on the list of Operabase nor Vivaticket as far as I checked. Only if possible, I really appreciated if you will let me know how I can find the tickets.
    Best regards,
    Kumi Takamatsu

  20. Kumi —
    L’Elisir in Bari will be performed for the reopening of Teatro Petruzzelli at Fiera del Levante.

  21. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    Thank you for your information.

  22. hi Giorgia!
    I just discovered this blog. Thanks so much for all the work you’re doing here. I saw Erwin in Vienna, in Don Giovanni. He was AMAZING! I don’t have enough words to describe it. It was more than just an opera.
    I posted some photos on my blog. Hope you like them.

    Best regards,

  23. Mark Bridge Says:

    Do you know when the Tango CD will be available?

  24. Mark Bridge — it’s due in 2011.

  25. Mark Bridge Says:

    Many Thanks.
    That means I shall have to think of some other Christmas presents!
    I think my copy of his debut CD will be worn out by then!

  26. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    Dear Giorgia

    I always thank you about your web-site which is always updated about his schedule. Thus, I can enjoy his performances through the year. Regarding his schedule of Asia concerts in June, I really appreciate if you are able to provide more details.

    Best regards

  27. Dear Kumi, here are the dates for Erwin’s concerts in Asia in Summer 2011:

    June 24 Taipei
    June 28 Hong Kong
    July 2 Beijing
    July 5 Seoul
    July 9 Seoul

    Hope this helps.

  28. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    Hi Giorjia,

    Thanks so much for the information.

  29. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    Dear Giorgia

    I thought Erwin Schrott would be in Don Giovanni in Berlin as Leporello on June 22,25 and 29 which I am planning to go. Has he cancelled his attendance in this program?

  30. Dear Kumi,
    I’m sorry, Erwin’s schedule doesn’t include Leporello in Berlin.

  31. Kumi Takamatsu Says:

    Dear Giorgia

    You were right that his name on the list of Deutsche Oper in Berlin was removed. By the way I watched Erwin Schrott as Conte Almaviva yesterday! It was a different Almaviva compared with usual interpretation! Do you have any idea whether this production becomes DVD in the future?

    Best regards

  32. Stefania Says:

    Ciao Erwin,
    ti ho visto in tv quesa sera per l’apertura della stagione lirica di Verona ed è stato veramente emozionante. Ci siamo conosciuti a Firenzenel 2005 grazie ad un’amica in comune : Oriana. Dal Don Giovanni al Rojotango la tua professionalità è sempre più matura, perchè versatile ed in continua evoluzione. Quali sono le date delle tue esibizioni in Italia? Chissà se ci rivedremo. Comunque ti auguro tanta soddisfazione per la tua vita pofessionale e non, ed una continua cresita che solo l’intelligenza e la sensibilità, insieme, possono rendere completa. Ee è già evdente.
    Un grade abbraccio!

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